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Buchanan, MI cremations

Tips for Talking to Your Family About Your Desire to Be Cremated

Cremation used to be a taboo topic. It wasn’t something that people discussed, even with their family members. But these days, there are more and more people choosing Buchanan, MI cremations over traditional burials. It’s forcing families to sit down and have discussions about the burials vs. cremations debate. 

If you’re thinking about being cremated one day, it’s a good idea to talk to your family about it. It’ll let them what your final wishes are and give them a better understanding of why you’re choosing to be cremated. Take a look at a few tips that will help you talk to your family about your desire to be cremated below. 

Jot down the reasons why you want to be cremated. 

“Why do you want to be cremated?” That’s the first question that you’re usually going to face from your family members. They’re going to want to try and wrap their heads around why you’ve decided cremation services in Buchanan, MI are best for you. In order to answer their question, you should have at least a few reasons prepared. It’s best to write them down beforehand so you don’t forget any important reasons. 

Be blunt and direct with your family while discussing cremation. 

When you first sit down to talk about cremation with your family, don’t beat around the bush. It’s already hard enough for most families to discuss the idea of death, so don’t make it any more difficult than it has to be. Tell your family that you want to be cremated when you pass away and then move right into your list of reasons for choosing cremation. 

Answer any questions your family members might have. 

Outside of asking you why you want to be cremated, your family members will likely have a million and one other questions. They’re going to want to know more about cremation as a whole. Take any questions your family members might have and answer them to the best of your ability. It might help shed some light on cremation for other people in your family. 

Mentally prepare for any pushback you might get from certain family members. 

In a perfect world, all your family members will accept the decision you’ve made and respect it. But more often than not, there will be at least one or two family members who don’t understand it. They might even try to talk you out of being cremated. Prepare yourself for this scenario and stick to your original decision, no matter what they say to you. It might just take them some time to come around to your cremation plans. 

Do you want to educate yourself more with regards to cremation before speaking with your family about it? Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services is a funeral home in Buchanan, MI that would be happy to help. We can tell you all about the cremation services we offer. Call us at (269) 683-3000 today to get answers to your questions or visit 615 E Main St., Niles, MI 49120 to talk to a funeral director. 

Mishawaka, IN cremations

How Soon Do Cremations Take Place Following a Person’s Death?

The cremation process doesn’t take very long to play out once it begins. While the exact time depends on the size of the person being cremated and the type of cremation furnace that’s being used, most Mishawaka, IN cremations only last for a few hours at most. That’s really all it takes for a person’s body to be cremated. 

It can take some time to get up to that point, though. Despite what you may have heard, cremations don’t usually take place immediately after the death of a person. More often than not, it will take at least a few days for a funeral home to work out all the logistics of a cremation. In some cases, families could even be forced to wait for a week or two for their loved one to be cremated. Here are some of the factors that will determine how soon a cremation can take place following a person’s death. 

The cremation planning 

If your loved one sat down and put together their own cremation services in Mishawaka, IN, your family won’t have to do it. But if they didn’t make any plans for their cremation, you’ll need to begin the cremation process by coming up with plans for it. Some families choose to hold a viewing before cremation. Others want to have their loved one’s body cremated as quickly as possible. You and your family will have to work with a funeral director to decide exactly how you’re going to proceed. 

The death certificate 

After you’ve come up with plans for your loved one’s cremation, your funeral director will get to work and put together the cremation services for you. If you want to have a viewing for your loved one, they’ll have their body prepared for it. If you opted not to have a viewing, they’ll work to obtain a copy of your loved one’s death certificate so that the cremation can happen. It can take several days for the funeral director to get their hands on the death certificate, which can delay the cremation process. You should stay in touch with your funeral director to gauge how long this part of the process might end up taking. 

The actual cremation 

Once your funeral director has a death certificate in their hands, they can start preparing for your loved one to be cremated. The exact date and time of the cremation will usually depend on how the rest of the funeral home’s schedule is shaping up. If there are other cremations that are already on the schedule, your loved one’s cremation could be delayed by another day or two. It is, again, a good idea to contact your funeral director regularly for updates on when the cremation will take place. 

Whether you want to try to have your loved one cremated right away or want to wait a little while so that you can hold a viewing, Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services can accommodate your every need. We specialize in helping families make funeral arrangements in Mishawaka, IN and will see to it that you have a great experience when you work with us. Give us a call at (269) 683-3000 today to learn about our cremation services or come down to 615 E Main St., Niles, MI 49120 to hear about them in person. 

South Bend, IN funeral homes

5 Signs That Show a Funeral Home Isn’t Right for Your Loved One

If you need to find a funeral home to hold funeral services for a loved one, you shouldn’t have too much trouble doing it. There are so many different South Bend, IN funeral homes to choose from. But one problem you might run into during your search is locating the right funeral home for the job. 

To make your search a little bit easier, there are some specific things that you should look out for when scouring the South Bend area for funeral homes. Keep your eyes peeled and look out for signs that show a funeral home might not be right for you. Take a look at 5 of them below. 

Sign #1: They don’t have much experience. 

The first thing that you should look for when searching for funeral homes offering funeral services in South Bend, IN is experience. You want to work with a funeral home that has either been around for a long time now or one that has employees who know the ins and outs of the industry. This will make you feel a whole lot more comfortable when you start working with them. 

Sign #2: They don’t have a great funeral director. 

Before you agree to work with a funeral home, you should always arrange a meeting with the funeral director who will be helping you make funeral arrangements. You should have a great rapport with that person right from the beginning, and they should be willing to go above and beyond to set you up with the funeral services that you need. 

Sign #3: They don’t offer the services you need. 

Speaking of funeral services, you’re going to want to check to make sure a particular funeral home offers you the services that you actually need. A funeral home might have all the experience in the world and funeral directors that are more than capable of helping you out. But if they don’t usually offer the services that you’re looking for? They’re not going to be the right choice. You can check on a funeral home’s website to see their specific services. 

Sign #4: They don’t pick up the phone when you call them. 

Are you having a tough time getting in touch with a funeral home? That’s not a good sign! If they’re proving to be hard to reach now, it could present problems later when you really need to get a hold of them to go over funeral plans. Make sure a funeral home communicates well before you bring them your business. 

Sign #5: They don’t offer fair and affordable prices. 

The cost of funeral services shouldn’t be your only concern. But you should think about shopping around for the best deal on the services you need. Contact a few different funeral homes to see what kinds of costs are associated with each of their services. This will help you decide on the best funeral home for your loved one. 

At Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services, we know we’re the right funeral home for you. We offer a wide range of services, including cremations in South Bend, IN, and have highly skilled funeral directors who are looking forward to working with you. Reach out to us at (269) 683-3000 today to get started or schedule a meeting with a funeral director at 615 E Main St., Niles, MI 49120. 

cremations in Niles, MI

The Truth Behind the 4 Most Prevalent Myths About Cremations

For years, many of the myths surrounding cremation prevented people from choosing to be cremated. But today, the internet has made it easy to dispel the myths that have plagued cremation for such a long time now. People aren’t as worried about choosing cremations in Niles, MI because most of them know the truth about what happens when a person is cremated. 

With all that being said, there are still some myths out there that far too many people are buying into and believing. If you fall into this category, you should learn the facts before you discount cremation because of one of these myths. It might open your eyes and make you reconsider cremation as a viable option. Here is the truth behind the 4 most prevalent myths about cremation. 

Myth #1: A person’s body is burned up by fire during cremation. 

The truth is…There is no fire involved in the cremation process! Instead, a person’s body is exposed to extreme heat inside a special furnace during Niles, MI cremation services. This heat turns the body into a pile of bone fragments. Those fragments are then ground up and turned into the cremated remains that most people are familiar with. 

Myth #2: It’s easy for a person’s remains to get mixed up with someone else’s remains. 

The truth is…There is no way that one person’s remains will get mixed up with another person’s remains during cremation! By law, crematories are required to cremate just one person at a time. They’re also required to clean up the furnaces that are used for cremations before and after cremation is carried out. This prevent the remains of different people from coming into contact with one another. 

Myth #3: Most of the world’s religions are steadfastly against cremation. 

The truth is…There are lots of religions that have come around to the idea of allowing their followers to choose cremation! There are still a few religions, like Islam and Judaism, that are against it. But Catholicism has been on board with cremation for a long time now. Many different forms of Christianity are also accepting of cremation. 

Myth #4: There are more people choosing burials than cremation. 

The truth is…This used to be the case, but it isn’t true anymore! As recently as just 20 years ago, burials outnumbered cremations by a wide margin. But as of right now, more than 50 percent of people are choosing to be cremated. And that percentage is expected to grow exponentially over the next 20 years. It won’t be long before the majority of Americans are opting to be cremated. 

If you have questions about the cremation process or cremation as a whole, Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services can answer them for you. We’re a Niles, MI funeral home that can provide you with the cremation services that you or your loved one needs. Contact us at (269) 683-3000 for more information or stop by 615 E Main St., Niles, MI 49120 to chat with a funeral director.