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A Guide to Pre-Planning Funeral Services With Funeral Homes

If you want to make sure your friends and family have more than enough time to mourn your loss one day, you should think about pre-planning your funeral services at one of the funeral homes in Mishawaka, IN. You can pick out the type of services you want and put together your entire funeral if you’re up for it. It’ll be one less thing that your friends and family have to do when you pass away. 

The idea of pre-planning funeral services might be too daunting for some people. But if you’re able to do it, you’ll actually feel a sense of relief when it’s all over. You’ll know that your funeral services will be carried out exactly the way that you want them. Here is your guide to pre-planning funeral services with a funeral home. 

Choose the right funeral home. 

The first thing you’re going to want to do when pre-planning Mishawaka, IN funeral services is find the right funeral home. Your church or other religious establishment may have a working relationship with a funeral home in the area. That might be your best bet. But you’re also more than welcome to call around to a few different funeral homes to see which one suits your best. 

Pick between being buried or cremated. 

Once you have a funeral home picked out, you’re going to want to decide if your plan is to be buried or cremated when you die. Not all funeral homes offer burial and cremation services. Some focus on one over the other. So you should make sure your funeral home can provide the services you want. You should also speak with a funeral director about the pros and cons of being buried versus being cremated. 

Decide what you want your funeral services to be like. 

Regardless of whether you want to be buried or cremated when you die, you can still have whatever kind of funeral services you want. From a public wake followed by an open-casket funeral to a private service for a select group of family and friends, you have options. Your funeral director can walk you through those options and help you hammer out the details of your funeral services. 

Consider pre-paying for your funeral services. 

If you’re going to pre-plan your funeral services, you should usually be prepared to pre-pay for them as well. It’s not fair to force your family to pay for funeral services that they might not be able to afford. You can remove the financial burden from them by paying for your funeral services in advance. This will take a lot of anxiety out of the funeral planning process for them. 

Inform your family about your funeral planning. 

After you’re all finished pre-planning your funeral services, you should sit down with your family and talk to them about it. You can let them know exactly what they’ll have to do when you pass away. It’ll also give them an opportunity to talk to you about your final wishes and what you want out of your funeral. 

Do you want to start pre-planning your funeral services? Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services can help you plan both burials and Mishawaka, IN cremations. Give us a call at (269) 683-3000 today to get started or come to 615 E Main St., Niles, MI 49120 to begin making your funeral arrangements. 

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