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Buchanan, MI cremations

Tips for Talking to Your Family About Your Desire to Be Cremated

Cremation used to be a taboo topic. It wasn’t something that people discussed, even with their family members. But these days, there are more and more people choosing Buchanan, MI cremations over traditional burials. It’s forcing families to sit down and have discussions about the burials vs. cremations debate. 

If you’re thinking about being cremated one day, it’s a good idea to talk to your family about it. It’ll let them what your final wishes are and give them a better understanding of why you’re choosing to be cremated. Take a look at a few tips that will help you talk to your family about your desire to be cremated below. 

Jot down the reasons why you want to be cremated. 

“Why do you want to be cremated?” That’s the first question that you’re usually going to face from your family members. They’re going to want to try and wrap their heads around why you’ve decided cremation services in Buchanan, MI are best for you. In order to answer their question, you should have at least a few reasons prepared. It’s best to write them down beforehand so you don’t forget any important reasons. 

Be blunt and direct with your family while discussing cremation. 

When you first sit down to talk about cremation with your family, don’t beat around the bush. It’s already hard enough for most families to discuss the idea of death, so don’t make it any more difficult than it has to be. Tell your family that you want to be cremated when you pass away and then move right into your list of reasons for choosing cremation. 

Answer any questions your family members might have. 

Outside of asking you why you want to be cremated, your family members will likely have a million and one other questions. They’re going to want to know more about cremation as a whole. Take any questions your family members might have and answer them to the best of your ability. It might help shed some light on cremation for other people in your family. 

Mentally prepare for any pushback you might get from certain family members. 

In a perfect world, all your family members will accept the decision you’ve made and respect it. But more often than not, there will be at least one or two family members who don’t understand it. They might even try to talk you out of being cremated. Prepare yourself for this scenario and stick to your original decision, no matter what they say to you. It might just take them some time to come around to your cremation plans. 

Do you want to educate yourself more with regards to cremation before speaking with your family about it? Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services is a funeral home in Buchanan, MI that would be happy to help. We can tell you all about the cremation services we offer. Call us at (269) 683-3000 today to get answers to your questions or visit 615 E Main St., Niles, MI 49120 to talk to a funeral director. 

Mishawaka, IN cremations

How Soon Do Cremations Take Place Following a Person’s Death?

The cremation process doesn’t take very long to play out once it begins. While the exact time depends on the size of the person being cremated and the type of cremation furnace that’s being used, most Mishawaka, IN cremations only last for a few hours at most. That’s really all it takes for a person’s body to be cremated. 

It can take some time to get up to that point, though. Despite what you may have heard, cremations don’t usually take place immediately after the death of a person. More often than not, it will take at least a few days for a funeral home to work out all the logistics of a cremation. In some cases, families could even be forced to wait for a week or two for their loved one to be cremated. Here are some of the factors that will determine how soon a cremation can take place following a person’s death. 

The cremation planning 

If your loved one sat down and put together their own cremation services in Mishawaka, IN, your family won’t have to do it. But if they didn’t make any plans for their cremation, you’ll need to begin the cremation process by coming up with plans for it. Some families choose to hold a viewing before cremation. Others want to have their loved one’s body cremated as quickly as possible. You and your family will have to work with a funeral director to decide exactly how you’re going to proceed. 

The death certificate 

After you’ve come up with plans for your loved one’s cremation, your funeral director will get to work and put together the cremation services for you. If you want to have a viewing for your loved one, they’ll have their body prepared for it. If you opted not to have a viewing, they’ll work to obtain a copy of your loved one’s death certificate so that the cremation can happen. It can take several days for the funeral director to get their hands on the death certificate, which can delay the cremation process. You should stay in touch with your funeral director to gauge how long this part of the process might end up taking. 

The actual cremation 

Once your funeral director has a death certificate in their hands, they can start preparing for your loved one to be cremated. The exact date and time of the cremation will usually depend on how the rest of the funeral home’s schedule is shaping up. If there are other cremations that are already on the schedule, your loved one’s cremation could be delayed by another day or two. It is, again, a good idea to contact your funeral director regularly for updates on when the cremation will take place. 

Whether you want to try to have your loved one cremated right away or want to wait a little while so that you can hold a viewing, Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services can accommodate your every need. We specialize in helping families make funeral arrangements in Mishawaka, IN and will see to it that you have a great experience when you work with us. Give us a call at (269) 683-3000 today to learn about our cremation services or come down to 615 E Main St., Niles, MI 49120 to hear about them in person. 

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Can Those Who Chose Cremations Still Have Funeral Services?

There are all kinds of misconceptions that surround cremations in Granger, IN. One of the biggest ones is that families whose loved ones chose to be cremated can’t have funeral services. This couldn’t be any further from the truth! Most funeral homes will actually encourage families to arrange funeral services for their loved ones even if they asked to be cremated since it can be so beneficial for them. 

By holding a funeral service for a loved one, you’ll give yourself a chance to pay your final respects. You’ll also allow yourself to start the grieving process. It’s why you should think long and hard about arranging a funeral service for your loved one either before or after their cremation. Here are a few of the types of services you can hold. 

Traditional funeral service 

Do you want to hold a traditional Granger, IN funeral service for your loved one, despite the fact that they were cremated? You can do it if you want. Some families choose to hold a traditional funeral service with a person’s body present during it. Others will wait until after a cremation and bring a person’s remains to it. You are free to take whichever approach works best for your family. They’ll both give you and your family a chance to mourn the loss of your loved one the right way. 

Memorial service 

Although a traditional funeral service is an option for a person who chose cremation, you don’t have to go with that option if you don’t want to. Your family can also decide to hold a smaller memorial service. And once again, you can hold this memorial service prior to the cremation if you want or wait until after the cremation is complete for it to take place. There are many families that decide to wait until after cremation so that they can set up their loved one’s urn in the middle of the memorial service. 

Celebration of life ceremony 

If you don’t want to hold a formal funeral service for your loved one, you can put together something a lot more casual. A celebration of life ceremony is something that some families choose when they don’t want to hold a traditional funeral or a memorial service. Celebration of life ceremonies tend to feel more like parties than funerals and often feature family members swapping stories about their loved one. It’s yet another option that will let you pay tribute to your loved one shortly after their death. 

Do you need a hand making Granger, IN funeral arrangements for your loved one? Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services would be more than happy to help you out with them. We can provide you with a funeral director who will walk you through your options and explain which type of service might be best for you. They can also answer your other pressing questions about cremation. Give us a call at (269) 683-3000 today or visit 615 E Main St., Niles, MI 49120 to get the planning process underway. 

Cremations in Mishawaka, IN

4 Things You Can Do With a Person’s Remains Following Cremations

Cremations in Mishawaka, IN are becoming more and more popular every year. But despite this, one thing we’ve noticed is that many families still have questions about the cremation process. More specifically, they have questions about what they’re supposed to do with their loved one’s remains following a cremation. 

Are you currently trying to figure out what you’re going to do with your loved one’s remains after they’re cremated? You actually have a lot more options than you might think. Let’s take a closer look at 4 things you can do with a person’s remains following cremations to honor them. 

Display them in your home. 

Many families want to keep their loved one’s remains close to them in the years following their death. You can do this by placing the remains into an urn and displaying them right in your home. Whether you choose to put the urn on a mantel above your fireplace or in a hutch where it’ll be better protected, you can put it anywhere you want. You’ll be able to look at it and remember your loved one in the years to come. 

Bury them in a cemetery. 

If you don’t like the idea of keeping your loved one’s remains in your home, another option that you have is to bury the remains in a cemetery, just like you would a casket. You can obtain a burial plot and bury the remains before putting up a headstone to pay tribute to your loved one. You also have the option of displaying the urn in what’s called a columbarium at a cemetery. It’ll allow you to come and visit the urn whenever you want after Mishawaka, IN cremation services are complete. 

Scatter them in a special place. 

There are a lot of people who ask their families to scatter their remains after they’re cremated. Some choose for their remains to be scattered out at sea, while others request that their ashes be scattered somewhere out in nature. You do want to check to be sure that you’re not breaking the law by scattering the remains on private property. But there are so many public places in which you can scatter someone’s remains without violating any rules. 

Use them to create a memento. 

If you want to do something off-the-wall to honor your loved one, you can use their cremated remains to make any number of mementos. There are companies that can take a person’s remains and use them to create vinyl records. There are others that will put a person’s remains into a bullet that you can shoot off. These are great options for those families who want to come up with something really creative and special. 

Do you have other questions about cremations that you want answered? Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services can set you up with a Mishawaka, IN funeral director who can tell you everything you need to know about cremating a loved one. Get in touch with us at (269) 683-3000 today or make a trip to 615 E Main St., Niles, MI 49120 to meet with a funeral director. 

cremations in Edwardsburg, MI

4 Reasons Why So Many People Are Choosing Cremations Over Burials

Back in 2002, less than 30 percent of people chose to be cremated at the time of their death. But as of 2017, that figure had ballooned to more than 50 percent with cremations in Edwardsburg, MI and other parts of the country officially becoming more popular than traditional burials. And the cremation rate is expected to continue to go up over the next 20 years before settling somewhere in the 70 to 80 percent range. It won’t be long before just about everyone is choosing cremations over burials. 

Part of the reason for this is the cost associated with cremation. It’s typically much lower than the cost associated with a burial. But cost is far from the only reason why more people are choosing to be cremated than buried these days. Check out some of the other reasons for this trend below. 

People know so much more about cremation today. 

As recently as just 15 or 20 years ago, most people didn’t know all that much about cremation. There were so many myths out there about it, and people bought into them simply because they had never been taught about Edwardsburg, MI cremation services. But these days, it’s easy to find out as much information as you want about cremations right on the internet. It has brought a newfound awareness to cremation and increased its popularity in the process. 

They’re not tied to being buried in their hometowns anymore. 

Once upon a time, most people were born and raised in their hometowns and stayed there until the day they died. That’s not necessarily the case anymore. Americans have become a lot more transient and are now moving all around the country and the world at a rapid rate. As a result, they’re not tied to the idea of being buried in their hometowns. In fact, some people like the idea of being cremated so that they can continue to move around even in death. 

They’ve seen the major religions come around to cremation. 

About 50 years ago, most of the major religions were steadfastly against encouraging people to choose cremation. But that has all changed since then. While Islam and Judaism are still against cremation, Catholicism and many forms of Christianity are now on board with it. People are also a lot less religious than they used to be, which is yet another reason why cremation has taken such a strong hold of the country. 

They don’t want to burden their families with funeral planning. 

Planning a funeral isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. Most families struggle to do it because they’re dealing with so much grief at the time. With that in mind, many people are opting to take funeral planning off their families’ plates by pre-planning cremation services for themselves. This allows them to make life a little bit easier on their families later. 

At Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services, we have seen the cremation rate rise in recent years, and we have expanded our cremation services to accommodate those who wish to be cremated. If you want to be cremated at the time of your death, our Edwardsburg, MI funeral home can make sure your final wishes are granted. Reach out to us at (269) 683-3000 or stop by and see us at 615 E Main St., Niles, MI 49120 for more information on our cremation services.