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The 5 Main Responsibilities of Funeral Directors at Funeral Homes

The funeral directors who work at funeral homes in Edwardsburg, MI have a tough job. Most people assume that their role is to simply plan out funeral services for someone who has died. But it’s a lot deeper than that. There are many other responsibilities that a funeral director must take on when working with a grieving family. Check out the 5 main responsibilities of funeral directors below. 

Arrange for a person’s body to be transported to a funeral home. 

The first thing that a funeral director will do when a family comes to a funeral home for help is arrange for a deceased person’s body to be brought to the funeral home. This usually involves working closely with a hospital, a nursing home, or another facility. While this is being done, a funeral director will also start creating a death certificate for the deceased. 

Help a family put together an obituary for a person. 

Once a person’s body arrives at a funeral home and their death certificate is in place, a funeral director will work with their family to put together an obituary for them. The obituary will serve as a public notice of the person’s death. It’ll include biographical information about them in addition to information about their upcoming funeral services. 

Work out the details of a person’s funeral services. 

In the midst of putting together a person’s obituary, a funeral director will also help to plan out the Edwardsburg, MI funeral services for the deceased. Regardless of whether a person asked to be buried or cremated, a family is encouraged to hold funeral services for their loved one. This can include a viewing and a traditional funeral service, a memorial service, or just about any other kind of a service that a family wants. 

Collaborate with a person’s church and cemetery. 

If a family decides that they want to hold a traditional funeral service for their loved one in a church, a funeral director will have to work with the church to schedule the service. They’ll also have to get a hold of someone at the person’s cemetery to iron out the details of their burial, if that’s the direction a family decides to go in. 

Provide grief counseling to a person’s family. 

While all of these other things are going on, a funeral director is also responsible for providing a person’s family with the grief counseling services they need to process the emotions they’re feeling over the loss of their loved one. Often times, families are beside themselves with grief and struggle to do much of anything during the funeral planning process. A funeral director will help them work through their grief and give them tips on how to do it. 

Before you agree to work with a funeral home, you should make sure you feel comfortable working with their Edwardsburg, MI funeral director. The funeral director is going to be involved in every single aspect of funeral planning, so you want someone who is 100 percent committed to your family and your loved one. Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services can set you up with an excellent funeral director for your loved one’s funeral services. Call us at (269) 683-3000 today or visit 615 E Main St., Niles, MI 49120 to get additional information. 

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A Guide to Pre-Planning Funeral Services With Funeral Homes

If you want to make sure your friends and family have more than enough time to mourn your loss one day, you should think about pre-planning your funeral services at one of the funeral homes in Mishawaka, IN. You can pick out the type of services you want and put together your entire funeral if you’re up for it. It’ll be one less thing that your friends and family have to do when you pass away. 

The idea of pre-planning funeral services might be too daunting for some people. But if you’re able to do it, you’ll actually feel a sense of relief when it’s all over. You’ll know that your funeral services will be carried out exactly the way that you want them. Here is your guide to pre-planning funeral services with a funeral home. 

Choose the right funeral home. 

The first thing you’re going to want to do when pre-planning Mishawaka, IN funeral services is find the right funeral home. Your church or other religious establishment may have a working relationship with a funeral home in the area. That might be your best bet. But you’re also more than welcome to call around to a few different funeral homes to see which one suits your best. 

Pick between being buried or cremated. 

Once you have a funeral home picked out, you’re going to want to decide if your plan is to be buried or cremated when you die. Not all funeral homes offer burial and cremation services. Some focus on one over the other. So you should make sure your funeral home can provide the services you want. You should also speak with a funeral director about the pros and cons of being buried versus being cremated. 

Decide what you want your funeral services to be like. 

Regardless of whether you want to be buried or cremated when you die, you can still have whatever kind of funeral services you want. From a public wake followed by an open-casket funeral to a private service for a select group of family and friends, you have options. Your funeral director can walk you through those options and help you hammer out the details of your funeral services. 

Consider pre-paying for your funeral services. 

If you’re going to pre-plan your funeral services, you should usually be prepared to pre-pay for them as well. It’s not fair to force your family to pay for funeral services that they might not be able to afford. You can remove the financial burden from them by paying for your funeral services in advance. This will take a lot of anxiety out of the funeral planning process for them. 

Inform your family about your funeral planning. 

After you’re all finished pre-planning your funeral services, you should sit down with your family and talk to them about it. You can let them know exactly what they’ll have to do when you pass away. It’ll also give them an opportunity to talk to you about your final wishes and what you want out of your funeral. 

Do you want to start pre-planning your funeral services? Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services can help you plan both burials and Mishawaka, IN cremations. Give us a call at (269) 683-3000 today to get started or come to 615 E Main St., Niles, MI 49120 to begin making your funeral arrangements. 

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5 Things Funeral Homes Should Provide for Grieving Families

A good funeral home should do more than just help a family plan out funeral services for a loved one. Any of the Buchanan, MI funeral homes can do that. They should also be capable of going above and beyond to provide grieving families with support. 

If you’re currently looking around for the right funeral home to put together funeral plans for a recently-deceased friend or family member, you should make sure the funeral home you choose is prepared to provide you with everything you’ll need. Take a look at 5 things that all good funeral homes should give to families who are in a state of grief. 

Compassion right from the very beginning 

When a family walks into a funeral home for the first time to start planning out funeral services in Buchanan, MI for a loved one, they’re typically beside themselves with grief. Therefore, a funeral home needs to be ready to give them the compassion they need right from the start. A funeral director should be stationed somewhere near the door to welcome a family in while providing them with comforting words and actions. 

Details on all the different funeral services that are available 

It’s easy for families that are grieving to get overwhelmed by all of the funeral services that are available to them through a funeral home. They might not understand what many of those services entail and could very well end up agreeing to services that they don’t even want or need simply because they are confused. A good funeral home should lay everything out as simply and succinctly as possible. This will allow families to process the information they receive. 

Fair and affordable prices for funeral services 

Many people are under the impression that funerals cost a fortune. You can, of course, spend as much as you want to on a funeral, depending on what services you want to take place. But reputable funeral homes won’t overcharge grieving families for the services they provide. They’ll work with the budget that a family gives them and seek to provide as many services as they can without breaking the bank. 

Grief counseling and access to grief support groups 

There are some families that are so overcome by grief that they can’t even think about planning out a funeral. These families can really benefit from going through grief counseling with a funeral director. A funeral director can help people work their way through their feelings following the death of a loved one. They can also help people find grief support groups, both online and in person, that can supply them with the help they need in the weeks and months to come. 

Direct access to funeral directors at all times 

Above all else, a good funeral home should be prepared to provide families with direct access to their funeral directors at all times. If families decide to make a change to funeral services or have any questions at any time, they should be able to get a hold of funeral directors by phone or email right away. 

Do you want to get your grieving family the help you need during this extremely tough time in your lives? Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services can assist you while you make funeral arrangements in Buchanan, MI. Contact us at (269) 683-3000 today to get started or pay us a visit at 615 E Main St., Niles, MI 49120 to sit down with a funeral director. 

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4 Ways Families Can Choose the Right Funeral Homes for Loved Ones

Did someone in your immediate circle pass away recently? If so, you’re probably trying to sort through all of the Niles, MI funeral homes right now to find the best one to hold your loved one’s funeral services. And you’re also probably learning about just how difficult of a process that can be. 

There are so many funeral homes scattered through the state of Michigan right now. Many of them offer the same exact funeral-planning services. So how in the world are families supposed to decide which one would be best for their loved one? Here are 4 ways that you can go about making the right choice for your deceased friend or family member. 

Ask someone who planned a funeral recently for advice. 

If you happen to know someone who planned funeral services in Niles, MI within the last year or two, don’t be afraid to turn to them for help. Call them and ask which funeral homes they checked out when they were going through the planning process. They can provide you with the inside scoop on lots of different funeral homes and tell you which ones are worth your time as well as which ones aren’t. 

Scroll through the phone book and see which funeral homes you can find. 

Most people don’t use the phone book much anymore to look up the names and contact information for local businesses. But it can really come in handy when you’re searching for funeral homes. Many funeral homes continue to run their information in the phone book, so you should be able to find lots of options in it. From there, you can go and check out their websites or call them directly to see what sets them apart from other funeral homes in the area. 

Use online reviews for funeral homes to your advantage. 

There are online reviews for just about every type of business these days. From auto repair shops to laundromats, all businesses have generated reviews from their customers in recent years. Funeral homes are no different. You can find out what kinds of experiences other people have had with specific funeral homes by reading the reviews they’ve left online. Try to read a mix of both good and bad reviews to get a good sense of what you can expect while working with different funeral homes. 

Get to know the different funeral directors in your area. 

A funeral home might look absolutely amazing from both the inside and outside. But if it doesn’t employ a funeral director who is well equipped to help you plan a funeral, it’s not the funeral home for you. Before you agree to work with any funeral home, make sure you sit down with their funeral director to see what they’re all about. You should actually try to sit down with several of them before picking the one that makes you feel the most comfortable. 

Planning out a funeral in Niles, MI can be stressful for families. Take a little bit of the stress out of the equation by working with the right funeral home. Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services would love to tell you more about how we can help you throughout the process of planning a funeral for your loved one. Call us at (269) 683-3000 today to get more information about our funeral home or schedule a meeting with a funeral director at 615 E Main St., Niles, MI 49120.